Fylde, Wyre & Blackpool Drugs Gang Sentenced To Total Of 130 Years

A Lancashire Police investigation into drug dealing in Blackpool, the Fylde and Wyre, has resulted in 26 people receiving prison sentences totalling more than 130 years.

Officers from the West Targeted Crime Unit took down a major supply operation between October 2020 and June 2021. It targeted dealers bringing in large quantities of Class A drugs into the area which were then distributed at street level.

One arm of the Operation Warrior investigation resulted in a Wyre-based gang – Michael Welsh, Gary Johnson, Kristoffer Pilkington and Christopher Dixon – being arrested and convicted for distributing cocaine.

Another part of the operation focused on a cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin supply ring which was controlled by Daniel Myerscough. Myerscough was responsible for arranging and purchasing bulk quantities of drugs, with him assisted by several people. One of those who helped him was James Black who at the time was serving a prison sentence for drug trafficking offences. During his time in prison, Black had access to four different phone numbers and evidence showed him to be in contact with drug deal lines.

Drugs were sold via contact with deal phone lines, which would advertise drugs for sale.

The defendants were sentenced at various hearings at Preston Crown Court.

Those sentenced were:

  • Michael Welsh, 56, of Ash Road, Thornton – eight years and eight months.
  • Gary Johnson, 63, of Rede Avenue, Fleetwood  – five years and five months.
  • Christopher Dixon, 31, of Swallow Close, Thornton– two years and five months.
  • Kristoffer Pilkington, 41, Blackpool Road, Poulton – two years and nine months.
  • Daniel Myerscough, 34, of Stoneway Road, Thornton – 10 years.
  • James Black, 37, of Kildare Avenue, Thornton – 13 years.
  • Alan Laughlin, 54, of Lune Grove, Blackpool – seven years and six months.
  • Kyle Sullivan, 36, of Springfield Grove, Liverpool – nine years.
  • Christopher Sharrock, 30, of Lancaster Road, Wigan – 10 years.
  • Debra Curran, 56, of Airdrie Place, Blackpool – five years and five months.
  • Anthony Hayes, 35, of Lennox Court, Blackpool – four years and six months.
  • Anthony Judge, 53, of the Promenade, Blackpool – two years and two months.
  • Liam Kelly, 52, of Kairnryan Close, Bispham, Blackpool – four years and six months.
  • Craig Wright, 39, of no fixed address  – nine years.
  • Jake Belcher, 23, of Salthouse Avenue, Blackpool – three years and six months.
  • Tony Butcher, 34, of Airdrie Place, Blackpool – four years and five months.
  • Kyle McCabe, 27, of Coleridge Road, Blackpool – three years and six months.
  • Saul Harvey, 24, of Nolan Street, Manchester – two years and two months.
  • Jack Houghton, 23, of School Road, Blackpool – three years.
  • Jae Prince, 33, of Westmorland Road, Blackpool – two years and eight months.
  • William Welsh, 25, of Warley Road, Blackpool – four years and four months.
  • Andrew Sweet, 47, of Falmouth Road, Blackpool – six years.
  • Ryan Taylor, 22, of Acorn Mews, Blackpool – four years and six months.
  • John Kirkwood, 39, of George Street, Blackpool – five years and five months.
  • Daniel Holt, 24, of First Avenue, Blackpool – two years.
  • Darren Thomas, 32, of Dinmore Avenue, Blackpool – three years.

Detective Inspector Kathryn Riley of Lancashire Police, said: ‘This was a complex investigation which targeted the activity of offenders bringing large quantities of Class A drugs into the Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde areas. We targeted people operating at different levels within organised crime groups.’

Andrew Snowden, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire said: ‘It’s important that we send a clear message to criminals that police are coming to get you.’


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