Gavin & Stacey confirmed to return with future episodes!

Following the return of the hit TV show. Gavin & Stacey, which graced our TVs for one Christmas special in 2019, after 10 years of being off the air – The BBC have finally confirmed the show will return for future episodes!

Fans rejoice at the news that they will finally see what happens between Smithy & Nessa after the cliff hanger ending in last year’s Christmas special (we won’t spoil it, but if you haven’t seen it yet.. why are you reading this? GO WATCH IT!!)

‘Neil, the baby’ is all grown up!

Speculation started not long ago when the stars of the show, including James Corden, Joanna Page, and Matthew Horne, were spotted in Wales having a few drinks not far from the Gavin & Stacey set.

Ruth Jones, 54 as Nessa, and James Corden, 42 as Smithy, both co-wrote the show as well as starring in it. The two tv favourites are set to return to our TVs for another series!

However fans were afraid they’d be waiting another decade as Ruth Jones, who plays Nessa Shanessa Jenkins, warned fans: “I Who knows? It took us 10 years to come back.

“It might take us another 10 if we come back.”

Let’s revel in the fact that 2020 might have picked up right at the end!

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