GB News Contrasts The Homeless On The Streets Of Blackpool To Metropole Hotel Residents

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has once again been featured on GB News as part of a report from the streets of Blackpool by the channel’s Security Editor, Mark White. In the report, which was broadcast today (Wednesday 23rd November), GB News say that they have been exclusively told by homeless people on the streets and doorways of Blackpool they feel they’ve become ‘invisible’, as authorities prioritise housing hundreds of channel migrants in hotels while rough sleepers are being left out in the cold.

In the GB News feature, MP Scott Benton (pictured below) says he’ll be on the front line of any protests against new migrant hotels. He told Mark White, ‘My inbox is already full of people who can’t get a council house, can’t get an NHS dentist, a GP appointment, and the idea that you can locate 300 asylum seekers in the UK’s most deprived Ward which is where they are currently being hosted without that wraparound support is complete and utter madness. ‘

You can see the three and a half minute here:

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  1. Not only is Blackpool poor and miserable it has a truly vile MP in Benton and it’s residents are amongst the most intellectually challenged in in England for voting for this piece of work. Benton out, decency in.

  2. To hear Benton’s comments, you would think he was a Labour MP complaining about the Nasty Tory Party. But he is a Tory MP. It is his party that is responsible for the things he is complaining about. Why is he moaning instead of serving his constituents properly by actually doing something about these problems.
    He is obviously taking a leaf out of Mark Menzies book on how to be a useless MP.
    Levelling up is a joke.

  3. It’s a shame that our people are homeless and they should be priority as they are British l feel for them and something needs to be done as things are getting worse.

  4. People in this country seem to have forgotten the old adage ‘Charity begins at home’. Not so any more, look after illegal immigrants. House them, feed them and give them benefits.
    To hell with our own homeless, old people and others on the bread line.
    Why have they been sent to one of the most deprived areas of the country.
    It shows a complete lack of understanding on behalf of the authorities, or alternatively, and more likely, they don’t care as long as it’s not in their back yard. It’s called passing the buck.

  5. Well British should come first I’m sure some homeless have paid there tax at some point in there life for example ex military

  6. It’s a absolute disgusting we are homing illegal immigrants who have broke the laws to get here send the lot back and look after our own first

  7. We are too soft . Illegal immigrants in America get very short shrift- they don’t roll out the welcome mat there , nor should we. There are far too many BRITISH people in need of housing and other support -if I was in charge ,they would all be deported on the next plane back out.

  8. It’s an absolute disgrace charity begins at home help the homeless people of blackpool and send the unwanted immigrants back where they belong what right do they have over the British people. Down right disgusting there will be protests and alot of angry people the locals and holiday makers. Don’t let them stay here. And don’t ruin blackpool. Put the homeless first they deserve all the help and support because there will more deaths on the streets.

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