“Go to the walk-in centre” patients are told by overstretched Lytham GP Surgery

By January 21, 2020January 24th, 2020News



Frustration is mounting amongst Lytham patients as overstretched GP surgeries are making them feel increasingly helpless.

This week at Fernbank Surgery there have been numerous reports of them simply telling patients ringing in early in the morning to “go to the walk-in centre” on Whitegate Drive in Blackpool.  Considering the average wait for a routine GP appointment is now more than two weeks, concern is rising amongst Lytham residents.

A woman from Lytham also said “When I trekked to the Walk-In Centre the doctor there told me that Fernbank had no right just to refer me to there and that I should make a formal complaint”.

A 37 year old male from Lytham also told us “I rang up today with extreme pain in my throat, and a throbbing left ear”.  He was informed he would be referred to triage only to get a call an hour later with the response “Go to the walk-in centre”.  He further commented that his past experiences of the walk-in centre had confirmed that waiting times were extraordinarily high as they are having to deal with so many Fylde referrals due to insufficient appointments. Indeed, it has been confirmed that more and more residents are paying upwards of £150 just for an initial assessment at Spires. Not an option for everyone.

Editor’s note: Inaccurate and potentially misleading information regarding the appropriate triaging of a two-year-old child to the walk-in centre following a head injury has been removed from this article. The practice had correctly advised that the child be taken to the Urgent Treatment Centre as that is where he would receive the most appropriate care for the injury sustained. We apologise for any upset this may have caused.




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