GoFundMe Fundraiser Set Up Today To Support Nicola’s Partner & Two Daughters

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up today (Tuesday 21st February) under the title ‘ In Memory of Nicola Bulley – Supporting her Family’ by a work colleague of Nicola’s partner, Paul Ansell.  This fund organiser says the aim is to provide some financial support for Nikki’s two young daughters now and into the future.

Paul’s work colleague, Andy Lawson, says, ‘Nicola, or Nikki as she was called by her family was the partner of Paul Ansell. Paul is a close work colleague of mine, and this page has been set up to allow anyone that would like to support Paul and his 2 daughters aged 6 and 9 through this truly devastating time a way in which they can help.’

The GoFundMe account was set up earlier today (21st February) and at the time of writing there have been 166 donations raising £5,185 in the past 9 hours.

The address for information and donations is

Featured photograph from GoFundMe – ‘ In Memory of Nicola Bulley – Supporting her Family’

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  1. Who’s Andy Lawson from Essex? I have asked several times but got no response. And why was this account created before Nicola disappeared. why is Andy Lawson not on Nicola’ s friends list? . All I know from Companies House he is in debt if its the same Lawson from Essex

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