Gogglebox star and Blackpool local, Sophie Sandiford, bursts into tears over lockdown 2.0 terror

Blackpool’s local Gogglebox stars, Sophie Sandiford, 24, and her older brother Pete, 26, are 2 of the nation’s favourites on the popular channel 4 show. The pair are known for their witty comments and their adorable brother and sister relationship.

However, we saw a new side to Sophie last week as she watched Boris Johnson announce a second lockdown out of the blue.

As the nation was told they would have to remain at home and all non-essential shops were to be shut, Sophie broke down in tears, which was completely out of character from the excitable and energetic personality we are all used to.

As Pete asked his sister “Are you alright?” as he noticed she was beginning to cry, she replied with her voice breaking: “It’s just sad, innit, it’s just s**t for everybody.

“It just gets even worse and more people are going to lose their jobs and things like that. It’s just awful.”

Sophie works as a shop window dresser, and knew that another lockdown would mean she would be put on furlough and her job would be on the line. She was utterly terrified that she would lose her job, as more and more people become redundant across the country.

Pete asked: “What do they class as non-essential shops?”

Sophie replied: “If you don’t sell food, it’s just like last time. So my work will shut.”

Gogglebox viewers across the country took to twitter and other social media platforms to express their sympathy and how much they relate to Sophie’s feelings of doom towards the reinstated restrictions.

One wrote: “So true, was really moving, summed up mood/feelings of entire country and beyond.”

Another tweeted: “Seeing someone like Sophie who’s always funny and happy cry about the state of the country does hit home about how utterly s**t things are at the moment.”

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