The spring of 2020 will see the opening of public access for walkers and visitors to Church Scar as Fylde Peninsula Coastal Programme nears completion. And further good news has been announced by the contractors VPA who say that best efforts are being made to open up the Fairhaven Promenade at either the same time or as soon as practical a little later. The new concrete Promenade will join up Fairhaven and Church Scar, creating 2.5 kilometres (about one and a half miles) of contemporary-styled walkway.
Even better news for residents of more than 2,400 properties is that this substantial sea defence work, costing in the region of £21.8 million pounds, will provide protection from flooding and coastal erosion for up to one hundred years. The natural environment and sensitive ecology of this area will also be protected by this scheme, which will not only benefit the wildlife, but also enhance the area for residents and visitors alike.

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