Good News And Bad News For Local Lap Dance Clientele

There’s both good and bad news for local lap dancing enthusiasts. Objections were raised before a public protection licensing sub-committee to the renewal of a sexual entertainment licence of the Blackpool lap dancing venue, Sinless. The good news for clienteles in that the venue was allowed to keep its licence after the unsubstantiated allegations against the operator were dismissed.

On behalf of Sinless, Mark Newton appeared via a Zoom video link before the meeting of Blackpool Council’s Public Protection Sub-committee after an objection was received to his application to renew the sexual entertainment venue licence at Sinless on Central Promenade.

Blackpool Council licensing officer Ryan Ratcliffe told councillors the claims, which included that the operator had coerced his staff to collect customer’s money via card payments without their knowledge, that the venue had encouraged drug taking and had allowed under-age drinking and performing, were unsubstantiated. The licensing authority found no evidence to back up the claims. No complaints had been made to the police and investigations by the licensing team had found no evidence to corroborate the allegations.
The objector’s identity was not revealed, but Ryan Ratcliffe said it was known by the licensing department.
Mr Newton said he had been shocked by the claims which he strongly refuted, saying someone was trying to damage his reputation. He said: ‘Unfortunately you can develop enemies in business. It could be a disgruntled ex-employee; it could be a competitor.’
Mr Newton branded the allegations as an attempt ‘to damage the reputation of the business or my reputation’. He said the venue was covered by multiple CCTV cameras and had not been in trouble with either the council’s licensing team or the police.
In an email shown to the committee, he added the club used qualified door staff and operated a ‘Challenge 25’ policy.
However, the bad news for local lap dancing enthusiasts is that the club is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines!

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