A government-funded coronavirus symptoms app has predicted the next hotspots in the UK, with Blackpool topping the list. The Covid Symptom Study App has been downloaded by over 3.9 million people and the latest statistics are based on 8,798 swab tests done between August 2 and August 15.
This annotated map is taken from today’s (21.08.2020) Daily Mail On-Line.

According to the data, 0.4% of Blackpool’s population are apparently symptomatic, up by 0.17% on last week’s figures, according to the researchers from King’s College London, who run the COVID Symptom Tracker Application. Halton, which topped last week’s list, has seen a slight increase in its population symptom rate, with the figure now at 0.35%.
The app figures show there were on average 1,265 new cases every day in the UK over the two-week period. 20,299 are currently suffering coronavirus symptoms.

The researchers say Blackpool, Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, Dundee in Scotland and Nottingham should now be monitored closely.
However, some critics have pointed out that although according to this research 0.4% of Blackpool’s population apparently have symptoms, this is based on limited data from the registered 871 app users in the town. Also latest figures from NHS England show no more Covid-19 deaths have been recorded in today’s figures for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. These figures also show that a total of 243 patients have died from COVID-19 at the Blackpool Victoria, with the latest death recorded on Friday, August 14.