Grandparents Shout Profanities During Drag Queen Story Hour – Blackpool Library In Lockdown

Blackpool’s Central Library has today (Tuesday 16th August) been placed into locked down by private security staff after abusive protestors infiltrated the building in order to hurl abuse at a performance by Aida H Dee, founder of Drag Queen Story Hour UK.

Drag Queen Story Hour UK was presenting at an advertised performance as part of its UK tour, which aims to bring imaginative, colourful and fun storytelling sessions to parents and children during the summer holidays.

Abuse was heard being shouted outside the building by noisy protestors prior to the show starting at 1 p.m. The front doors were locked to prevent access by the protestors, with private security on hand as well as around four police officers.

Despite only prior-registered members of the audience being allowed inside, during the show, grandparents who had gained access with their grandchildren started to hurl abuse and shout profanities at founder Aida H Dee.

Aida said, ‘Today I was greeted in Blackpool with flowers and rainbow cakes! (see photo below) Unfortunately, the Story Hour today was interrupted by two grandparents who used their two grandchildren to gain access to the event. What’s more, it is my understanding that the actual parents might not have even have given consent for the grandparents to use their children in such a manner! Despicable!

Anyhow, after they’d shouted profanities, two minutes later everything was back to normal and the rest of the story hour went fabulously well! Thank you Blackpool Libraries & Blackpool Council.’

Commenting on the incident, Sarah Barnard said, ‘So just who is harming children in this scenario…the guy in makeup and a sparkly outfit reading them a story or the people they love and trust teaching them that duplicity and hate are okay?’

Last week, Rochdale Council postponed three shows by Aida H Dee following recent protests at libraries. A spokesperson for Drag Queen Story Hour UK told the BBC ‘So many children out there don’t get an LGBTQ+ role model because it’s taboo. I was never told Alan Turing was a gay man, even though he was one of our greatest mathematicians. Role models are like oxygen, if you don’t have them you can’t breathe and for LGBTQ+ people, we’ve been dying.’

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  1. Why should we have so-called LGBTQ+ ‘role models’ for children????

    It’s a confusing enough world as it is and children don’t need to be involved in our current obsession with ‘inclusiveness’.
    Let them hold on to their innocence and childhood a little longer – the world we live in will mess with their minds soon enough.

  2. The drag queen here called Aida H Dee, is known for claiming that “love has no age” and bragging about how his “hole was pounded at last night’s orgy” (although I toned down the language that he uses to say that).

    He’s no pantomime drag queen, why do we want this person around children???

    No one claiming that love has no age should be anywhere near children.

  3. I hadn’t realised this was going on in the town I live in!
    I’d of been there protesting these ‘people’ who either think it’s okay 1.To confuse the children too young to understand 2.To mislead parents into thinking they have no agenda! Just read from the other comment who this ‘queen’ really is & how it normally conducts itself. 3.They have a darker agenda they aren’t being honest about to the parents, and parents if YOU don’t see a problem, maybe you need to be a better parent & research the reality & truth of drag story hour.

  4. All those facilitating child grooming will be held accountable in the near future. U may feel safe right now but the people are waking up. Buy some new trainers and get running.

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