A restaurant in Blackpool named La Fontana has reported a group who have intentionally left without paying their bill on Saturday 8th August.

The group consisted of two men and two women, Paul Jackson, Joespeh Higginbottom, Bianca Shuttleworth (and an unknown 2nd woman), who dined at the restaurant racking up a bill of £200. The two women left for a ‘cigarette break’ and never returned, leaving the two men to walk out and leave the tab unpaid.

The restaurant managed to catch up with the two men who did not have any cash or working bank cards, and therefore were unable to pay.

It was reported that the group were also threatening to neighbouring tables, making other customers very uncomfortable. It is believed that the group are known to have walked out on tabs in several other restaurants in the Blackpool area.

Images from CCTV show the group below. We ask locals to share this information and make restaurants and cafes aware in order to prevent this happening again.