Gruesome Graffiti:”Mr Bean Crucifixion” Outside Church Causing Heartache to Local Catholics

Local Catholics from St Annes Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, Saint Annes Road East are horrified. A local graffiti vandal’s latest art work depicts Mr Bean being crucified with a slogan saying “2nd Coming” (a reference to the Son of God’s resurrection – according to their faith) on a telecoms box on The Crescent across from their place of worship.

Maurice from St Annes told Lytham St Annes News “I find this blasphemy on another level.  This will cause incredible upset to the more vulnerable of our congregation.  I am just praying that the local council will act on this with immediate effect before other worshippers view this hideous failed attempt at humour and art”.

Kerrie from The Crescent, however, took a different stance to Maurice.  She told Lytham St Annes News “I find it hilarious. It really lightened my mood. If you look at the centre of Crucified Mr Bean he has rather a large member – two African Grey parrots could perch on there with great ease!”  Naughty Kerrie added “Mrs Bean was a lucky lady before the Crucifixion!”

This isn’t the first time this graffiti vandal has struck the town and causing torment to the community.  Several months back Lytham St Annes News reported that the vandal had depicted Mr Bean as a Psycho.  This act of graffiti forced a mother of a terrified young ASD boy to take an alternative route to school.

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