Gyms across the UK re-open this weekend, but you are likely to notice some changes. If you are eager to get back to your old routine, then it’s worth checking on your own gym’s website or social media to see what new measures are in place so that you don’t get caught out.

A few things you should expect to do:

Arrive in your kit – some gyms are keeping their changing rooms locked, so you may be expected to arrive in your workout clothes. This also means showers are off-limits, and depending on the layout of your gym there may be no lockers available.

Check classes in advance – many centres will be running a reduced timetable and allowing a smaller number of people to attend, so you may need to book much further in advance. Some gyms will not be offering classes at all, while others will expect you to arrive 15 minutes early to allow for a socially-distanced changeover. No more last-minute dash through a crowded reception to get to spin class!

Prepare to have your temperature checked – some gyms will be checking on entry.

Avoid busy times – Equipment will be more spread out and a reduced number of machines will be likely. You gym will be restricting the number of people who can be inside at one time, so best to phone up in advance and avoid that 5pm ‘happy hour’.

Clean up after yourself – Nobody likes arriving at a sweaty mat anyway, but take extra care to wipe down apparatus before and after use.

Even if you’ve been exercising at home, it’s likely that you haven’t been working out as hard as you would at the gym. Ease yourself back into it gradually. Warm-up your muscles, keep to moderate exertion levels and take plenty of rest between sets to avoid injury.