Heima Lytham closes its doors as estate agent will move in

Heima Lytham, a quirky little vintage shop on Warton Street, which sources high quality furniture, have finally closed their doors after a 12 year run. The owner Jo, has announced that she will continue to make sales virtually on Instagram and Facebook. Her Facebook post read:

“As I closed the doors on my little vintage “bricks and mortar” shop this week, I promised you a brief history of heima! I even started writing it… why i started the shop (long story about losing a manchester city centre busy newsagents) …where the name came from (sigur ros #ifyouknowyouknow ) and where my love of vintage came from (or shabby chic shite as Tom calls it!)
But it became long winded…boring even ..maybe meant for a blog one day! So for now, here I am, happy, not necessarily relieved, but glad my 12 year stint is over in an actual real life shop! I have loved all the people along the way and will be forever grateful for everyone that stepped through the door and the friendships I’ve made!
But all my future vintage sales will be virtual, on instagram and facebook…where I can sell you stuff whilst sat in bed, drinking tea in my PJs, if I want to .. Please stay for more good stuff (and baskets) , vintage finds, weird dreams, my, beautiful boys, my new Cool Joey stage (yes I’m going to be a granny but you are never allowed to use that word!) our trips to France and everything that comes in between! Love Jo x”
The Ashton Family will be taking over the premises, with a new estate agents.
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