Heyhouses Lodge Gates At Lytham Hall Refurbished & Renovated

A joint project between Fylde Council and the building preservation trust Heritage Trust for the North West (HTNW) has completed the refurbishment and repainting of the Heyhouses Lodge Gates.

The iron gates and accompanying overthrow are Grade 2 Listed, sharing this prestigious status with the sandstone piers and the Lytham Hall estate boundary wall running for 1.2 miles between this location and Church Lodge at Church Drive, Lytham.

The gates were not transferred to Lytham Hall in the 1960s when the West Park housing estate was built, despite being the gateway at one of three lodges for Lytham Hall from the 19th century. Now, the council and HTNW have agreed with the legal owner, Vistry Homes, that the imposing gates with the overthrow above can be transferred to HTNW and repainted to address issues relating to corrosion and delamination.

Local resident Marjorie Short, who tends the small garden in front of the gates, and her husband Trevor have been the voice of the local community, having worked with Fylde Council and Lytham St Anne’s Civic Society to arrange conversations with Vistry Homes.

A spokesperson for Fylde Council said: ‘It is gratifying to see that the continued interest of the local community has oiled the wheels of discussion, and thanks to Vistry Homes and HTNW, the gates are back to looking well cared for.  The work has been undertaken to a high standard as is expected by HTNW.’

Liz Moss, Chief Executive of HTNW commented: ‘We have been pleased to help conserve the Lytham Hall gates. Previously it was not easy to appreciate the Clifton hand and dagger and other design details on the gate.

Alongside the gates there are several assets associated with Lytham Hall that are listed separately from the hall itself and the listed gates have strong architectural and evidential value. Dave Parfitt and his team work on various projects that HTNW are involved with and have enjoyed working on these gates and seeing how well the finished work looks.’

The spokesperson for Fylde Council continued: ‘Although the lodge at this location was demolished last century, the imposing gates and piers remain, allowing passers-by to appreciate the estate wall that continues to Church Lodge next to St Cuthbert’s Vicarage. The repainting work appropriately conserves the listed structure. It is fitting that HTNW that runs Lytham Hall for the owners have stepped forward to arrange for work to these Lytham Hall estate gates, an exercise which should help arrest further decay.’


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