High School Uniform – Local Mother Disgusted At Expense Of Enforced, Specific, Bespoke Items.

Lytham St.Anne’s News has been contacted by a mother of a student at St.Bede’s Catholic High School on Talbot Road alleging that she now has to buy expensive, specific, bespoke items – which if unbadged can be bought at a fraction of the cost at high street stores.

The Mum writes:

‘As a mum of a son and daughter at St Bede’s I am disgusted to have been told from September I will need to buy new skirts for my daughter at a cost of approximately  £25 each. However I can continue buy my son cheap supermarket trousers at a fraction of the cost. This is due to the school wanting to stop the girls folding their skirts over to make them shorter. I’m not sure how a new skirt will stop this happening. The new skirt has to be a certain one with the school logo on it. We have been told girls can wear trousers but again unlike the boys I’d need to get certain ones from a uniform shop I’m assuming they will be with the logo on.

How is this fair? Why can’t the school enforce a rule that a skirt has to be worn unrolled. In this current climate I’m going to struggle to buy these expensive items.

I was under the impression that the uniform bill bought into effect from September should stop this sort of thing and make supermarket uniform more accepted

With living costs going up daily haw can this be fair?

I’d rather keep my identity hidden due to the fact I don’t want any repercussions on my children.’

The Headteacher of St. Bede’s has provided this information on the school’s website (dated 6th May):

School uniform

‘As confirmed in an earlier update, we will be introducing a new school skirt for all year groups with effect from September 2022. There will also be an updated trouser option for girls. The school will be offering financial support to some families with the purchase of a replacement skirt and we are currently finalising these arrangements. I will write to all parents/carers with full details regarding the introduction of the new skirt shortly. Have a lovely weekend. ‘

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  1. The school does have a rule for the girls not to role their skirts up but they still do it. Apparently the logo is at the top of the skirt rather than the bottom so the girls are expected to have it visible to prevent rolling it up. Having bought two skirts when my daughter joined last year I expected the skirts to last a few years and being told I’m expected to buy more It’s an unnecessary expense I can’t afford at this time. The school need to rethink their policy.

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