Hot Weather Leaves Huge Litter Problem

Views on groups partying in the St Anne’s Dunes seem to be polarised among locals. Live and let live is one view; practise social distancing to save lives is another. However, leaving behind the huge, vile hot-weather mess is indefensible.

A walk on the Squires Gate beach at 6 am revealed the full horror of the day (and night before).

In one dune, a broken camping chair had been left with disposable barbecues, glass, small balloon gas canisters, balloons, junk food wrappers, clothing and drinks tins.

A smashed glass bottle on the beach left jagged shards dangerously jutting out through the pebbles, ready to injure running bare feet (or paws). This I cleared away. But there is only so much one person can do.

In another dune, people were camping.

Socks and underwear wear were all over the dunes and the pebbles.

However, it is not all bad news! It was heartening to see that a great many beach-goers did tidy up, which the overflowing industrial sized waste bin and numerous carrier bags stacked against it testified to.

A local early morning cyclist stopped and spoke to me as I photographed the bin.

“I hope you’re putting that on the Internet!” he announced, “You should look at the amount of chip papers on the Blackpool Prom and the dog sh1t on the nature reserve too! There should be a message on the motorway saying ‘Blackpool and St Anne’s is closed!’

He told me that he had just spoken to a council rubbish van clearing bins and told them the Squires Gate bin needed emptying but they turned round and went in the opposite direction.

‘Health Hazard’ is the phrase to describe the state of the Squires Gate beach – and the weekend is just beginning…

By Debra Preston Helle