HSBC St. Anne’s Branch To Close On 22nd September, 2022

HSBC has announced the closure of 69 branches across its wider bank network in the UK – and the St.Anne’s branch is on this list. The bank in its iconic, landmark building on St. Anne’s Road West will close its doors permanently on 22nd September, 2022.

In a statement, the bank confirmed the decision was taken as part of its transformation into how branches operate within individual communities. The bank has pledged to offer more varied services for its customers outside of the traditional banking model. However, the result of this will see the St.Anne’s branch close, which many vulnerable customers may be reliant on.

HSBC say that local areas will see more community pop-ups, new integrated self-service machines and further digital support for customers, which will be assisted by colleagues. Furthermore, the bank will continue to use the Post Office network as part of its wider operations. Under 50 percent of the bank’s customers now actively use its branch network, with the average footfall declining over 50 percent since 2017, according to the bank. These changes are part of HSBC’s efforts to invest in its digital and mobile service, reflecting the needs of customers.

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  1. Very sorry to learn of this branch closure . I worked here as my first bank employment at the age of 18 , some 44 years ago when it was Midland Bank.The office was a lot smaller inside than it’s external appearance suggested. I particularly remember having to climb internal steel ladders in my suit to wind the clock up twice weekly! It required a large metal cranking handle and a fair amount of physical work to do it. Likewise equally hard work was putting the bullion away in the safe at night. Halcyon days!

  2. I think I’ll be looking to change banks because of this.

    I despise the banking sector’s inevitable march to the time, only a few years away, when there are no physical high street bank branches at all as it is very clear all the banks want to be on-line only to reduce costs and maximise their already obscene profits.

  3. I’ve just found out that the HSBC St Annes on Sea branch has closed (I haven’t had a connection with St Annes since my parents died nearly 20 years ago). I opened my current account at what was then the Midland Bank on 15 September 1972 (when the manager was Mr Jolliffe), so I’m glad that I made my account’s Golden Anniversary just before the branch closed. I still have the same account number and sort code despite this now being at the Blackpool, Oxford Square branch.

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