From Whitesides Taxis –

We have expressed concerns that the plan to drop-off/meet customers at the gate of Lytham Hall at the start and finish of each WonderHall Event next week is not logistically viable and will cause passengers and drivers to be delayed. This transport link may breakdown; particularly at the end of each concert and we are trying to find each other.

We have planned for months to ensure our service is as punctual as possible.

⭐️ Local and regular customers will be prioritised.
⭐️ Pre-booking lead times will be extended so we are as punctual as possible.
⭐️ Mobile numbers will be taken from our passengers so we can communicate with them if they have not been able to get to the pickup point.
⭐️ We will only be taking bookings we can cover.
⭐️ We will tell you realistic waiting times.
⭐️ Extra drivers and members of the Call Centre will be on to help with increased demand.
⭐️ We will try and guide you away from the Lytham Hall main gate to a local landmark. Please stay in place once there.

We are ready and prepared and aim to offer the best service possible. However, regrettably, we will not be able to provide transport for everybody.

Enjoy the event and have a great time, be patient, and take some comfortable walking shoes. Lytham Hall has a long drive.

Thanks for the advice, very sensible 👍

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