Don’t risk a fine!!

St Anne’s boasts a huge coastline, and the beach attracts locals, daytrippers and dog walkers alike, all year round. However, Fylde Council do operate a dog exclusion zone spanning the most popular area close to public amenities. This is to ensure that families can enjoy their day without unwanted furry friends, and to try and prevent the event of the unscooped dog poo causing a health risk to beach users. Whilst most dogs walkers and their dogs are very well behaved, there have been previous unpleasant incidents reported.

The areas affected should be clearly identified with signage and flags.

The beach is large enough to accommodate all types of visitors, however, last year fines were issued to unsuspecting dog walkers effectively ‘trespassing’ upon the exclusion zone, outlined below, from Fylde Council. ⬇️

🚫🐕 St Annes Beach Dog Exclusion Zone 🐕🚫

The dog exclusion zone on the amenity section of St Annes Beach comes into force on Good Friday until 30th September.

The amenity beach is the area from the Lifeboat Station slipway to the north end of North Prom car park. ⛱

Dogs can still enjoy free run of the vast area at either side of the amenity beach towards Lytham or Blackpool 👍

For more info 👉

So that’s pretty much the main slipway near the beach huts, to the end of North Promenade car park, that will be a dog free zone from next Friday. Please use the beach responsibly, there’s plenty of space for everyone 🏖️

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