Is a Town Council for Lytham, Ansdell and Fairhaven On The Cards?

A first step proposal to create a parish council structure that will cover Lytham, Ansdell and Fairhaven is to be put forward by a group of independent councillors representing Lytham on Fylde Council at the next full Council meeting scheduled for 19th October, 2020.  St Anne’s already has a Town Council, serving its 26,935 residents.

Four independent councillors, Mark Bamforth, Brenda Blackshaw, Brian Gill and Roger Lloyd, have issued the joint statement, ‘For many years, independent councillors have been campaigning for the creation of parish council for the Lytham Area but have been blocked on many occasions. We were heartened to read that local Conservative councillors are now in favour of the formation of a local council in Lytham and Ansdell. The Government has also made its commitment to Parish Councils clear. It does seem that all sides are now in one accord and with the increasing possibility of our borough becoming a part of a Combined Authority in the near future, we believe there has never been a more important time for a parish council to be created. However we strongly believe, and hope our fellow councillors will agree, that we should have a local council for the Lytham area on its own merit, irrespective of any other circumstances.’

This idea has already been discussed by the Fylde Finance and Democracy Committee.  Council leader Councillor Karen Buckley, said, ‘I welcome the appetite from all sides of the council to look again at the need for a parish council in the areas of Lytham, Ansdell and Fairhaven. Democratic accountability in the heart of the community is available all across Fylde apart from there. It’s time to address the imbalance.’

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