KFC in Blackpool town centre has closed its doors for good

It has been confirmed that the KFC on Bank Hey Street in Blackpool town centre has closed permanently, and will not be reopening after lockdown.

A KFC Spokesman said: “All good things must come to an end… isn’t that what they say? It’s a tough decision but we’re going to close our doors for good at KFC Blackpool Hey Street.

“But no need to panic chicken fans – our team members have been relocated at the fryers not too far away on Devonshire Road or Cornelian Way for your drive-thru, delivery and takeaway chicken fix.

“And stay tuned as you never know where we’ll open our coop nearby next!”

Local Andrew Thom Sen said “And another nail in the coffin for Blackpool town centre, when this covid is all over Blackpool council should give free rates for 2 years then reduced rates, that’s better than empty shops”

With Topshop, Miss Selfridge and potentially Debenhams closing, Blackpool town centre is becoming increasingly desolate. The shops and restaurants that once produced a large percentage of the footfall for Blackpool are now closing as lockdown and covid restrictions hit businesses hard.

Will Blackpool survive? Many locals are wondering what officials are going to do about Blackpool’s decline, as many jobs get put on the line.

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