Lack Of Local Refreshment Businesses At Busy Classic Car Show Prompts Debate

The Classic Car show hosted at Lytham Hall yesterday (21st May) attracted a packed crowd of local residents and enthusiasts from far & wide on a sunny Sunday. There were so many people enjoying not only the splendid array of shiny vintage and veteran vehicles but also the lovely Lytham Hall grounds! However, it was obvious that the well patronised  ‘pop-up’ refreshment outlets were not local businesses. For example, the ice cream van had driven all the way up from Coventry. A journey to Lytham from Coventry is 2 hours 40 minutes so the Ice Cream van will have been expecting a hefty payday to drive that way there and back. The burger vendor had come all the way over the Pennines from Wakefield – and his rewards was long queues of hungry customers. The question was asked, ‘Why were none of our first-rate local catering businesses there?’  It was noted on Lytham St, Anne’s Chat that ‘Surely it would be more beneficial both to Lytham Hall, local businesses and the people of Lytham to use local catering firms?’

The lack of local refreshment ‘pop-ups’ created a wealth of additional comments on the popular local forum.

Paul Wilkinson said, ‘Totally agree Lytham Hall should use local business.’

Martin Carrier agreed, ‘Good point we should all support local businesses, No excuses!’

Carole Greenwood added, ‘Travelling all that way is contributing to traffic jams and pollution.’

Lexy Redman suggested, ‘The event organisers should maybe have asked Lytham Hall for recommendations of local catering businesses as the organisers probably don’t know that we have or they could put a shout out on Facebook.’ Brenda Blackshaw shared this suggestion for a positive way forward, ‘Maybe should be included in the event agreement “local caterers if possible”

Tina Brooks commented, ‘Well this explains it we paid 10 pounds each to get in and an ice-cream tub with flake that cost 5 pound each. A local Mr Whippy would not have charged so much. At the Norcross Mr Whippy is a lot cheaper – otherwise he would not sell any at the car boot.’

Fabian Craig-Wilson offered this possible explanation, ‘Catering, etc is usually booked by the event organisers. When they are planning to come to a location, they rent the space they wish to use. The event was most likely not produced/created by Lytham Hall. They only rented out the space to the event organisers. That tends to be what happens, like a craft fair renting space at Lowther…perhaps.’

Jayne Barr agreed, ‘I presume the event is a privately organised event & the organisers hire Lytham Hall grounds as a venue for their event. It probably has nothing to do with Lytham Hall other than the hire charge, the event organisers probably have their own catering companies that support & sponsor them.’

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