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Lancashire Police Scrap Baseball Caps In Favour Of Traditional Headwear

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Traditional police hats are set for a comeback in our area after Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden, together with Chief Constable Chris Rowley decided to scrap baseball caps.  Flat caps are set to be issued to all male officers, with female officers also given the option of wearing bowler hats which will include Lancashire Constabulary insignia.

Traffic officers will be re-issued with white flat caps ensuring they are clearly visible when dealing with road traffic incidents on public roads and motorways whilst PCSO flat caps will be distinguishable by a blue band.

Baseball caps were controversially introduced in 2016 as part of a new police uniform being issued to all officers. This included new black jackets, black body armour, lightweight high-vis jacket and black shirts, which will remain.

On making the announcement Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden said: ‘This change is about reinforcing the figures of authority police officers should be in our communities. The uniform and appearance of police officers is an important part of that and I think the baseball caps were a backward step in how modern policing is presented given that now more than ever the values of respect, pride and professionalism are so important.

Police Officers are expected to behave and conduct themselves in a professional way that inspires public confidence, so ensuring the uniforms they wear also uphold those standards is important, which is why we have taken this decision to embrace the long-standing proud heritage of British policing and return to the smarter, traditional headwear – a clear symbol that we expect our county to be policed with pride. From conversations I have had with people and communities across the Lancashire Constabulary area, I know this will be a warmly welcomed move.’

Chief Constable Chris Rowley said: ‘This issue has been raised with me consistently for more than a year by officers who don’t like wearing the baseball caps, and I’ve always felt that traditional headgear is smarter and presents a more professional appearance to the public. I make it clear to my staff – both new recruits and those officers with more service – that I have high standards. I expect them to be smart when on duty, and I expect them to deliver a high quality of service to our communities.’

Many police officers never discarded the traditional hats when the controversial baseball caps were introduced so the public can expect to see some officers wearing the traditional headwear with immediate effect, with the rest of the baseball caps being replaced throughout the year.


1 comment

Zenjunkie August 24, 2022 - 3:22 pm

Wow, that will really go a long way to help reduce crime won’t it!
I feel safer already…🤦‍♂️
For goodness sake, what is really needed is more officers on the street.
More officers out there chasing real criminals. More recruitment.
This sort of initiative is pure PR and does nothing to reduce the ever rising crime rate.

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