Latest St. Anne’s Sea Wall Proposal Unanimously Passed Last Night

During the last six months, Fylde Council has been working and consulting on a range of options to replace the existing sea wall around The Island, St Anne’s. The replacement St Anne’s Seawall proposal which includes retaining the Miniature Golf, Miniature Railway and Beach Huts in their current location was passed unanimously at a Special Operational Management Meeting held last night (14th July 2021).

The next steps on the project’s journey to realisation are that the Council will now submit the proposal to the Environment Agency next week, on 21st July 2021,  for a decision in September 2021. Should approval be granted, work could commence on-site as soon as January 2023 and be completed by August 2024.

Fylde Council say they are committed to keeping everyone informed of all future developments regarding the sea wall which protects over 400 properties and businesses from coastal erosion and flooding. The present sea wall is nearly 90 years old, and is approaching the end of its design life, with frequent repairs required, and an estimated residual life expectancy of ten years. Its low comparative height to the beach means that overtopping and flooding frequently occur, which is set to increase in line with current climate change predictions.


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