Residents in Lytham are becoming concerned at the number of discarded laughing-gas cylinders being dumped on the paths of our streets.  Parents are advised to educate their children on the dangers of this “craze”.

Barely the length of your finger, they can appear in shiny or dull metal and resemble tiny versions of oxygen tanks.

Like oxygen, their contents do have a medicinal value and are used in dentistry and childbirth.

But it’s unlikely the ones you see by the roadside in Lytham have been used for that.

Rather, they have almost certainly been taken by teenagers looking for the next quick drugs fix – and nitrous oxide, or laughing gas as it is more commonly known – appears to be it.

A Lytham resident told your Lytham St Annes News “this is the third cylinder I have seen today on my morning walk (Sunday)”.


Pictured: Cylinder found on Station Road, Lytham

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