Many children will sadly not being attending school on Monday.  Whilst local schools are providing a wealth of learning material either on-line or in packs, a Headteacher will share advice on Lytham St Anne’s News of first-rate, relevant free resources to supplement this material. Today, in the first post, he recommends that parents of children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two sign up for a new on-line service just announced by Pearson Education.

‘Pearson Education are a major, credible, respected supplier of up-to-date educational resources to schools.  They are consistently up to speed with learning resources that match the National Curriculum demands.  Their tool-kits for learning are not only engaging but also adaptable for children with a great variety of needs, supporting those who find learning challenging whilst deepening the learning of children who may currently seem more able.

I recommend that readers of Lytham St Anne’s News with children in Primary sign up to

The two core subject areas of Maths and English form the basis of many schools’ curriculum.  These are the two disciplines tested in End of Key Stage Two SATs.

Help in on hand from Pearson to support the learning of Maths at home. From Monday 23rd March, materials based on the much used Maths Factor will be available.  These resources will be appropriate for children in Years One to Six.  The Year Four DfE Tables Test which was scheduled for June 2020 is now cancelled. However, there are on-line examples of the test for children to continue to practice multiplication and division.

Children should certainly continue to read. Younger children will also be familiar with Bug Club Reading.  This will be on-line through the link. Resources to extend children’s reading will likewise be available.  The Grammar and Spelling Bug will give structure to the learning of children in Years 1 and 2, and Years 3 and 4.  For parents understanding phonics can be tricky, so there will be phonic lessons for children available for children in Years 1 and 2.

Signing up now will guarantee the support needed from Monday.’

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