Lidl has become one of the nation’s favourite supermarkets for their low prices and infamous ‘Middle of Lidl’ one-off goodies, but its popularity is causing residents and shoppers to suffer.
Squires Gate Lane Lidl has its entrance on Westgate Road, a local residential street, but the sheer number of shoppers in cars using Lidl have contributed to a number of large pot holes now gaping in the road.
“The holes are getting bigger and bigger” noted a resident, “and the road is just not made to handle the amount of traffic”.
Not only are the potholes a problem, but the lack of traffic lights on the junction to Squires Gate Lane is dangerous. At busy times when there is a lot of traffic travelling in both directions on Squires Gate Lane, drivers have to wait until a space opens up to safely exit the junction, which, at peak times, can sometimes mean waiting over 10 minutes. It is also a huge safety risk, with a high footfall of pedestrians in the area, and buses frequenting the road. Throw in a reckless driver and it is an accident waiting to happen.
Lidl needs to provide a stronger road and safer junction for shoppers and residents to use. Despite being approached for comment, Lidl have not yet issued a response on the matter.
Cassie Helme

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