Link Road: MP Menzies Thanks The Residents Of Fylde For Their Patience & Has His ‘Fingers Crossed’.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has taken the opportunity to thank Fylde residents for their patience and said that the M55 link road should be completed soon. Standing on an uncompleted stretch of the new road, MP Menzies said, ‘So fingers crossed ladies and gentlemen, I won’t be able to stand here in a year’s time because it will be full of busy cars.’

He added, ‘I am pleased to say that the M55 link road is well underway and should be completed soon. A big thank you to Lancashire County Council and Fylde Council for seeing this through, but more importantly, thanks to you, the residents of Fylde for your patience.’

Meanwhile, photographs of the link road progress from another view point:


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  1. This was supposed to be completed mid 2024………..then Mark………….yet again………..announced another huge success in bringing forward the complete date to late 2023.

    Now it seems to be ‘fingers crossed’.

    WTF……………………how many times has this MP announced this project as a success and we still do not have this road?

    I live just round the corner from this construction and will happily bet Mark my house against his MP membership that this construction will NOT be competed by the end of 2023.

    Do you want to make that bet mark?

  2. Exactly how long does it take to build a road for heaven’s sake!!!
    GET IT DONE !!!!

  3. All the new tarmac poured onto the M55 would have avoided the pot holes. Simples!
    ould be

  4. Mark Menzies will turn up at the opening of a envelope if there is a photo opportunity, or in this case the nearly opening (hopefully) perhaps, maybe, fingers crossed, of a road.

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