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Local Golf Club’s Junior Section Welcomes ‘New To Golf’ Members

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Lytham Green Drive Golf Club is extending a warm welcome to Junior members who wish to take up this most popular sport.  Indeed, the Club has already seen its junior section take off over the last few weeks. Under the expert leadership of Dan Webster, (many will know Dan as the owner of the Lytham Golf Academy), the juniors now have over 20 active members. That number looks set to rise as the club encourages ‘new to golf’ members.

Junior golf sessions are relaxed so that youngsters aren’t fazed by the experience of Dan giving guidance on the rules, course etiquette and even being able to politely order themselves soft drinks and snacks at the bar. Club golf pro, Simon Wilson, will be getting involved in special group coaching events to ensure the youngsters get the best possible technical start!

The conventional wisdom around golf can be that only the ‘well-off’ kids from golfing parents ever made it onto golf courses. That is not the case at Lytham Green Drive – many of the Club’s new juniors have parents who don’t play golf. Furthermore, parents soon find that golf is far more affordable than say, taking their children to watch a game of football.

Lytham Green Drive’s junior membership is only £58 per year for kids up to the age of 14. Parents can relax in the club house and enjoy the facilities while they wait for their children to have a group lesson or play seven holes of golf from specially adapted junior tees. Junior membership is ideal for parents of children aged between 8 and 13, who are looking for a safe and fun environment for their kids. Good behaviour and discipline are implicit components of golf and children get to learn these vital life skills without feeling they are being lectured.

In the longer term, as children progress to a more advanced stage of golf, it will be possible to ‘drop and go’ so that juniors who are 14+ can play rounds of golf with their friends. This is a great feeling for young adults, as they make new friends and learn responsibility through their teenage years.

For many golf clubs, a strong junior section is seen by members as an inconvenience – but not at Lytham Green Drive. The club sees its junior section as the ‘the future’ and is encouraging families to bring their boys and girls to try out golf. Parents quickly find hat Lytham Green Drive is an inclusive and welcoming golf club.

Dan Webster says, ‘In my 30 years of being involved in golf, I’ve never seen a dedicated Junior Captain’s “drive in”. This is indicative of the fantastic focus the club has in the future of golf at Lytham Green Drive. We want to welcome more juniors into the fold as we aim to reach 40 active members soon.’

The featured photo is from the recent “drive in” event described by Dan above.

If you are interested in getting your child(ren) into golf at Lytham Green Drive, then please contact Dan by email on daniel.webster@mac.com

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