Local Landlord Considering 50p Off Every Pint – If You Pay In Cash!

A Lytham St Anne’s pub landlord is considering following in the path of Gerhard Peleschka, the landlord of The Griffin Pub in Brentford by offering 50p off every pint to customers that pay in cash.  The landlord who does not yet want to be named said, ‘The bank charges are crippling us and the staff tips are the lowest as they have been in a lifetime as everyone pays contactless, this giving us a high turnover of staff.  This is crippling us and many other local pubs and restaurants.’

This news comes after the success of the Griffin’s landlord Gerhard Peleschka in Brentford who gave his customers a much-needed boost by offering 50p off pints to customers willing to pay in coins or notes. The pub hit the headlines when Nigel Farage said he would certainly be calling in for a pint when he was nearby.

Many hospitality staff are also in favour of a cash transaction.  One Lytham bar worker said, “Tips are now virtually none existent.  In the past regulars told me to keep the charge or ‘have one yourself’ – which was a commonly understood way of tipping me. Now, at the end of the evening the tip jar is empty.’

A local server in a St. Anne’s eatery has likewise noticed the lack of gratuities. “Now that we have moved to card payment only, I get barely any tips despite working hard through a busy evening to please our customers.”

Both of these hospitality staff are considering leaving the industry – like so many of their colleagues before.

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