Local Pubs Could ALL reopen if Lancashire goes into Tier 2 with an unusual LOOPHOLE!

What constitutes a substantial meal? That has been the question on a lot of people’s minds, are you allowed to order chips for a pint, or a full on roast with all the bells and whistles? Lytham St Annes Pubs maybe in for a nice surprise.

A pasty isn’t ‘substantial’ enough without a side of chips.. but apparently a scotch egg is!

A massive loophole in the law has been revealed to the public, as environment secretary, George Eustice, has decreed that a scotch egg is substantial as it’s a starter.

“I think a Scotch egg probably would count as a substantial meal if there were table service,” Eustice improvised. “Often that might be as a starter, but yes, I think it would.” But, of course, it’s not as simple as that.

“It depends on how they’re made,” said David Laing, co-owner of North Yorkshire-based specialists The Clucking Pig.

“A lot of them are very quick, very commercial, cheap stuff. But the likes of ours are a proper meal. You get a large free-range egg, 90g of rare breed Berkshire pork, fresh breadcrumbs, it’s probably a three-and-a-half inch circumference. The royal family have had ours – they’re very filling. A lot of people have to halve them.

“You can definitely eat it with a knife and fork. I would recommend a serrated knife” he added.

But will local pubs catch on and start stocking scotch eggs for their customers to enjoy a pint without splashing out on a meal?

Although we have been placed in tier 3, we are all hanging on the edge of our seats waiting for Lytham St Annes to go back into tier 2 in time for Christmas dinners and meal out in restaurants and pubs!  The Tories are set to vote on the tier system, with a predicted 50 conservative MPs to vote against the tier system in the fight against COVID-19 in England.

The Labour party however is set to rebel against the Conservatives, sparking a huge rebellion on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s hands.

This is the second time within the past month that Tory MPs have voted against his decisions, with Labour rescuing him from defeat. Will this happen a 2nd time?

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