Local Resident Calls For Scotland To Stand Aside & Forfeit Tonght’s World Cup Game Versus Ukraine

With flags and Ukrainian colours adorning many Lytham St.Anne’s commercial properties and homes there have been local calls for Scotland to stand aside and forfeit tonight’s World Cup play-off semi-final place to allow Ukraine to qualify.

Local resident Tim Lime, whose home boasts the colours of Ukraine, which have been joine4d this week by newly festooned Union Jacks, is just one of the local voices who have shared the words of Scottish Sun columnist Bill Leckie. Controversially, the journalist has called on the SFA to forfeit their place in the competition.

He wrote, ‘For this massive sacrifice of their personal ambitions, they deserve our greatest respect. So let’s now ask ourselves a very basic question: Can WE, in all good conscience, prepare for a football game against that very country which is being pulverised? Can we seriously set out to rub salt in their wounds? ‘

Tim claims that many in Lytham St.Anne’s would support Scotland forfeiting the game. He adds that the much heralded success of Ukraine in the recent Eurovision Song Contest proves that the war torn country deserves our utmost and unequivocal  support, although he appreciates that such a move may not be welcomed north of the Border by Tartan Army members, many of whom have never seen their team play at a World Cup.

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