Local Resident’s Explicit Photographs & Vivid Descriptions Evidence & Document Motorhome Concerns

An extremely concerned resident has documented their deep concerns to vividly illustrate and exemplify the continuing problem of camper vans which are parked from Granny’s Bay to the North Promenade. The resident, who has lived in in St Anne’s for over 18 years, observes that the potential problems with some of the motorhomes / vans is definitely worsening. The resident walks the family dog for many kilometres every day down on the beach and promenade and consequently observes is perceived to be going on…

The concerned resident takes up the story and writes:

‘The problems I think that are being raising concerns, are not being created by the owners who actually using the designated parking areas/spots in the carparks. These owners do tend to pay to park, knowing it is clearly free if they were to use the promenade. There is an argument to say they bring revenue into the area but I am not convinced, they tend to have all the food and drinks they need fully loaded up prior to setting up for the weekend, that is one of the main purposes and the nature of owning these types of vehicles. This is clearly visible in the summer time when they park up, getting out the picnic tables and begin to unpack bags from well-known supermarket chains, which clearly doesn’t benefit the local economy. It would be interesting to know if there is any data and statistics on how much revenue they generate in the shops and restaurants, apart from the obvious parking fees for the very limited spaces.

The real issues I see are from some (not all) of the ever-growing community of #Vanlife people, whom seem to now be permanent residents of the promenade and are parked in various spots from Granny’s bay to North Promenade and are there 24/7/365.

They tend to be mainly in the “free” areas closest to the town opposite the hotels. Personally, I think this looks terrible with vans and motorhomes of all shapes, sizes and condition, scattered all over the promenade. Last summer was notoriously bad as picnic tables and chairs were being set up on the pavements –  almost blocking them at times. I would hope that this isn’t the way the council wants to promote tourism into the area.

These vehicles take up valuable parking spaces, tend to parked on the pavements, and they are dumping their grey water onto the roads creating a dirty stinking mess as can be clearly seen it attached photographs (shared below) of our lovely promenade areas. Some examples of the problems these are creating:

  • Today we were literally nearly hit with the flying remnants of someone’s morning tea that was unceremoniously dumped from the passenger window of the motorhome (pavement side) with no respect to people who were walking near their van.
  • Dumped Van – this blue van has now been parked in the same area for over 6 weeks seems to possibly have been dumped! The owner has moved into a different vehicle (silver transit) still in the same area of the promenade. The blue van has no MOT having failed in Jan23 for some serious structural issues (info can be found on the internet) Therefore, it is illegally parked / dumped on a public highway and the owner could be fined and the vehicle seized. I guess the owner is waiting for the council to declare it as dumped / scrapped so that he doesn’t have to pay any possible fees.
  • Dirty stinking green water which looks like it is caused by these vans which are seeming parked on a permanent basis opposite the old Lindum and the Grand Hotels, they are dumping grey (dirty) water out onto the roads.
  • Dumped caravan – the owner stripped the caravan and proceeded to put all the bits into a White Bedford box van that can still be seen in the area parked up. The council was forced to have to remove the caravan.

I have never understood why we do not have a promenade parking charge and residents passes for St Anne’s. A couple quid a day to park a car would pay for extra bin collections cleaners at weekend, with more expense charges for Motorhomes and converted vans with no overnight parking for these types of vehicles unless in designated parking spaces in the carparks.’

The concerned resident adds that the issue has been raised with the Council several times and got absolutely NO response whatsoever – and the resident’s exemplar photographs shared below.




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  1. This is all true. There are assorted converted horseboxes, prison vans, furniture vans transits and Bedford vans. St Annes promenade is well known among the mororhome fraternity as an area for free parking. When I took one owner to task he said because he was retired he couldn’t afford to park on a site!!!

  2. The couple who are using the silver van in which they seem to “live” 24/7 together with two youn boys and at least 3 dogs. Not sure if the young boys go to school but seem to spend alot of the time in the small silver van with the dogs.

  3. Live and let live, as long as the van folk clean up and spend cash locally what is the issue ? Those pictured should be fined especially the one dumping waste water and the caravan …well that is ridiculous that they were not fined if evidence is able to prove ownership.
    Please don’t tar all van driving visitors with an other’s wrongdoing…that’s like saying all travellers are thieves or all teenagers are hooligans . Respect the area you visit keep it clean maybe even clean up the place you park…converse with each other instead of hiding behind a screen !!!

  4. As a van owner. We never park on the pavement. We never allow grey water waste onto the roads. We ALWAYS shop in the area, in fact we always get a takeaway which is never cheap. We never set tables and chairs up on the pavement and have never seen anyone do that. Why would I want to sit on the pavement when there is a perfectly lovely beach to sit on! Don’t tar everyone with the same brush. It’s took years of hard graft to afford our MH and parking up by the beach is one of our greatest pleasures. The beach is not just there for the somewhat entitled who live local nits for everyone !

  5. Ok. We had a consultation about this some time ago which the CC thought would be ignored by residents thus allowing the council to charge for parking. However those who live here inundated the council with objections who realised the following. 1) When charges are introduced on the prom for parking THEY WILL HAVE TO BE PAID BY RESIDENTS WHO WALK THEIR DOGS IN WINTER WHEN NO VISITORS ARE HERE
    2) Camper vans will just move onto the side streets creating more problems
    3) If after said residents then complain again and demand “Residents Parking Permits “ they will initially be free…….then they will be chargeable going up each year….as in London and other places
    For God’s sake, demand the council provides more parking for camper vans and don’t shoot us in the foot. Please

  6. Have you walked around your local area and complained about the cars parked for free?
    Have you checked all the cars that are parked to see if they have mot, tax insurance?
    There’s an awful lot of jealous, selfish moaning people in this alleged free country of ours that seriously go out of their way to moan about people who are just trying to enjoy life sometimes these people they are moaning about have life shortening health issues, mental health issues etc.
    They need to get over themselves and maybe when their walking their dog, chat to them as humans being and stop being prejudice because of the vehicles they/we drive
    Why not?
    Have you done a study on the car occupants who free park to see how much money they spend in the local authority? Why not anyway
    Is it law in this alleged free country that you have to spend money when your out travelling around visiting our wonderful scenic country? No.
    Is it law in this alleged free country that if you retire and you want to have a bit of an adventure that you have to be able to afford to pay for a campsite every night, no.
    Have you moaned to the council to get the drains unblocked as when it rains they are obviously not flowing properly.

  7. As a camper owner I love visiting different places. I always eat spend money in the places I visit. You shouldn’t judge everyone based on this. If you’re that concerned you should have knocked on and asked them to clean it up.

  8. It’s obviously some local retiree who hasn’t got a lot of better things to do than complain about everyone else getting a supposedly freebie,,yes the grey water and dumped vehicles are wrong ,,,not sure about the kids not being in school as that’s just another thing forced by the state who think they own youre kids ,,as long as the kids are fed clothed watered ,have a social circle of freinds and given the basic to read and write that’s all they need .

  9. Dear Sir/Madam,

    As a long-time resident of St Annes, I have been dismayed to read about the recent trend of campervans parking for free along the promenade. While I understand the appeal of this for motorhome visitors, I fear that it is having a detrimental effect on the town’s appearance and cleanliness.

    I have personally witnessed all types of rubbish being dumped along the promenade, from food containers and plastic bottles to larger items such as broken chairs and discarded camping equipment. It is an unfortunate fact that some individuals have little regard for the natural beauty of our town and are content to leave their waste strewn about without a second thought.

    What is even more concerning is the waste generated by the campervans themselves. I have seen firsthand the faecal matter left behind by these vehicles, which poses a serious health hazard to both residents and visitors alike. The unpleasant smell that emanates from these waste products is enough to turn anyone’s stomach, and it is simply not acceptable to allow this to continue.

  10. Not in my backyard? I live here, it’s all mine, mine, mine and I don’t want to share.
    I obviously don’t agree with dumping of vehicles, emptying waste water, setting up on pavements etc, but come on just because you are extremely fortunate to live somewhere beautiful why would you not want others to experience some of that too?

  11. As always it’s the minority ruining it for the majority. As a “Vanner” myself, I always buy food and supplies from shops local to where I’m staying and eat out in the evenings. The dumping of grey water is disgusting and does make my blood boil.
    As someone mentioned in a previous comment this is supposed to be a free country but it seems to be gradually turning into a Communist state where if somebody is enjoying themselves for free somebody else wants to slap a charge on them.

  12. I have never seen a massive green puddle before, could you have a problem with surface drainage? The other issue of people living in vans as they have nowhere else to go seems to me to pose the question, where do they go. This place may be unsuitable for long term use, I may agree. However housing is devolved to local authorities, will people be lobbying for the Council to provide something better? On the Continent overnight parking and sleeping, no chairs encouraged often in designated space called an aire, sometimes with the bare minimum of facilities for a reasonable charge. The answer may be a compromise, 1 night only here, an unused patch of land with a drain or sewage disposal point.

  13. SOME vanlifers are idiots but most aren’t. Probably the same proportion as for the human race as a whole. Take those idiots to task but not those of who are responsible considerate vanlifers. Come and chat to us, hear our stories, get to know us and you’ll find out most of us are fully functional integrated members of society who just like to get away from it all with ease.
    Cars parked all along the prom is also not attractive, but we seem to have got used to that. I’m now off to Lytham first chance I get to see why it’s so popular!!

  14. My husband and I live in a campervan full time and I get very angry about people saying we leave rubbish and fetal matter all over the place creating smells. We take pride in our van and our surroundings and are very clean.we have to be as we live in a small place. We often park up and when cars and trucks leave they are the ones throwing rubbish and we often pick this up on our way to the bins with our waste. We know there are some bad campers but the majority of us are not so please do not tar us all with the same brush.

  15. It’s always the minority who spoil it for the majority, it’s free so why abuse it

  16. Why can we not have restricted parking? In Kent (We visit our daughter who lives in Kent on the coast regularly) campers can’t park on the sea front or roads that lead from the sea front over night from 6.00pm – 6.00 am.
    This would allow camper van owners to visit during the day and move their vans to stay over night in designated parks with facilities.
    Camper vans have become a popular recreational vehicle but would we allow people to camp or leave their caravans along the promenade?
    I have lived in St Anne’s all my life and I would love a sea view but I am afraid it is out of my reach. Plus when we holiday we have to pay a premium in any country for a sea view and the convenience of accessing a beach.
    We all have to live with parking restrictions why do some camper van owners think they can park where ever they like for however long they like?
    Council please do something about this matter.

  17. As a motor home owner we always spend locally cleanup after people in cars leaving rubbish our motorhome have on board facilities ie bins and toilet which cars don’t have don’t tar us all with the same brush most are responsable also the car park just after the pier has a sluice to empty toilet waste for only £1.00 why would they empty anywhere else you should fine the people who you can clearly see who are this sort thing at the time you see them we’re not all guilty of the same crime we clean every were we go we are not just out in our vans in summer were out all year round expensive parking fees is not the answer

  18. As a reponsible Campervan owner I am as frustrated as Lytham residents over, people who intentionally leave waste. NB I think it is unlikely that the “foul green waste” is from a van. Like many issues of this type, these are a tiny minority who give the majority os sensible owners a bad name. Ask any dog owner!

  19. Just what is wrong with these nimbys. I am away in France and Spain in my motorhome and they put the British to shame. Loads of free parking where we Brits charge. It’s only when you get over here you realise what a un welcome place it is. Having spoken to a German todays he says he has heard bad things about the UK and doesn’t intend to visit. As for grey water it’s only washing up water unless it’s obvious it’s not. There is no harm putting it down the drains.
    Why do the British hate people getting something for nothing ie parking. So unfriendly.

  20. There are laws to control waste dumping and parking illegally. There are more cars that are an issue than vans.
    Get fines issued to the ones that abuse the system and leave the law abiding visitors alone.

  21. I’ve been there and had a lovely time. The council do provide a grey waste and toilet waste facility. Not quite as cheap and convenient as in France but it’s a start. Almost every big town has these facilities plus many of the smaller ones. Enforcement is surely the answer to those who abuse the hospitality and that is clearly down to the council.
    Like the residents I cannot understand why people would just dump waste/rubbish.

  22. If the van you live in looks like it should have been in a scrap yard years ago, then I personally do not want to see it in the same place on the prom for weeks on end. Up your game.

  23. I’m a vanlifer and regularly clean up in the mornings where cars have arrived in the nightime and left behind their rubbish. I dispose of my rubbish and waste safely and leave no trace. This country needs to provide more facilities for travelling people, our rights to roam are god given x sad to see this chemical waste and people dumping their chairs and stuff but I believe these people who turn up with chairs and BBQs are weekend motorhome users. Not full timers. The council need to address the problem of where we can go. Water, waste toilet facilities and cheap overnight stays would solve the problem. Camp sites are mainly too expensive.

  24. It sounds a bit like “all footballfans are hooligans”… it is all about individuals… and talk with the ones who lack the ability to be respectful to people, animals and nature. I love my personal freedom and will never ask for measures which will limit me… and us all. With a little bit of love and sincere attention I have met so many people and enjoyed all conversations with them. Me, as a full time vanlifer… hope to meet you all some day as well! #enjoylife #enjoyfreedom

  25. As the mother of said boys I want to bring some things to your attention.
    1) I birthed them and whatever I decide to do with or for them is none of your business. You have no right targeting my kids on social media. You (multiple residents) keep taking photos of us and my kids and I find it disturbing, weird and potential harassment/stalking. Apparently taking photos of registrations is illegal… is harassment and taking pics of kids without consent…..
    2) due to bullying in schools of my autistic son I chose to take him out of school only to find us being bullied by rich old tossers like you.
    3) they do 3 hours of school work up to 6 days a week including Spanish, maths, history, English AND we frequent museums, weekly drama classes and rugby practice. We do litter picking INCLUDING CIGARETTE BUTTS, DOG POOP AND LITTER LEFT BY RESIDENTS. I can even say who did it, where you live and how often you disregard your own town. Yet here you are blaming us. It’s too easy to blame vanlifers.
    4) we shop locally to buy our food, making friends with most locals and dog walkers. I live in my van with my 2 kids and partner has his van and dogs. We dont live together in a van. I do feel targeted and question my safety after some comments, a matter for the police im sure. We travel the uk but found this area pleasant.
    My kids take turns sitting in the front because they are teenagers and like to facetime their friends, practice spanish or just get away from their sibling for half hour. No crime in that, is there?
    I’ve had police at my door as we were reported but they have NO PROBLEM WITH WHAT WE ARE DOING. You don’t own the beach or the land so mind your business and leave us to it. This is my choice. We are peaceful and happy. To defend the green sludge in another targeted van, it was there way before you took those pictures, the drains have been blocked since builders were doing work on even more apartments on the Promenade. When did we become so snotty to each other? When did we forget compassion and kindness? What kind of example are you to the younger generations?

  26. As usual a minority of individuals who have no respect for the area we live in will spoil it for the majority of the people who come to St Anne’s in their Camper Vans and behave with respect. The council will eventfully make this area a Pay and Display area spoiling it for the locals who park up at this area, this will then force the Camper vans into the back streets around the area causing even more misery for the locals. Personally I would rather the camper vans park on the prom rather than block the roads around the back streets which are congested enough already, perhaps Pay and display unless you have a permit, the permit will obviously then turn into a cash-cow for the council.

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