Locals angered by untrustworthy delivery drivers – do you trust yours?!

During lockdown, members of the public are forced to shop online as non-essential shops have closed and Christmas just round the corner.. but many people have shared their anger towards untrustworthy delivery drivers.

A Blackpool local has taken to Facebook to share her anger with a delivery driver. Having heard banging outside her house, when inspecting the commotion through her window she witnessed a delivery driver allegedly throwing around fragile parcels in his van.

Her post read: “I have literally just witnessed with my own eyes a delivery driver taking parcels out of the passenger seat of his van and literally throwing them into the back, AT LEAST 3 said fragile!

She added: “One of the fragile boxes fell out the side of the van and he picked it up and threw it back in, and I mean threw it…the reason I watched was because I heard banging outside the house, and then saw that! Why are delivery drivers fucking arseholes!!”

Another local commented: “Pisses me off! I’m constantly out of pocket for breakages and the companies makes it very hard for you to claim or prove!”

Do you trust your local delivery driver? Many locals have complained that Hermes in Lytham are unreliable when it comes to delivering parcels.

The delivery driver was in a white van and wore an orange high vis vest, with no visible branding or logos. The local claimed she regretted not videoing the commotion, but did not have her phone on her during the incident.

We recently reported an Amazon driver who was recorded ‘dropping off’ a parcel allegedly containing a PlayStation 5, however it turned out he scanned the parcel and put it back in the van! Outrage spread across the country, where Amazon had to apologize as reports of parcels arriving but allegedly not containing the ordered item.


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