Local resident Hollie Wilkinson has written this poem about lockdown:

It’s the patter of tiny confused feet moving for people in the street, the home-schooling craze that’s left parents feeling stressed and in a daze.

It’s missing friends but knowing there’s an end. Does that make you smile? Knowing this isn’t a marathon, just a mile. I know it must be hard, having some of those feelings, but look at the oceans, the mountains, the pollution, the world is finally healing. True, it’s at a huge cost, and those who we have lost will be forever embossed in every path we’ve crossed.

Maybe you have lost your job, that must have been terrifying to be told, but promise me this, you won’t give up, because you baby are now head of the household. Cooking, cleaning, FaceTiming, whatever that may look like, please don’t panic yourself when you see the overnight spike. Staying home and keeping your family safe, where you can share a warm embrace, has to be your new favourite space. But please, don’t try keep that poker face, it’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to feel all over the place. We are all in this together, this confined, redesigned state of mind. We all unite and clap our NHS heroes, whilst meeting new family members through rainbow painted windows.

But what does it look like to you, this time we will never get back? Maybe it’s motivation you lack and the desire to throw it all back before those pre-isolation anxiety attacks. Maybe you’ve learnt the importance of family, and seen milestone developments in your children. Every daily walk feels more like a pilgrimage and delivering food to those in need makes you feel like a noble civilian.

As lockdown is eased, we can relish the knowledge that one day we can hug again, that 20 second hug can cure a multitude of pain, but promise me this, you will never take life for granted again. At times you may feel happy and sad at the same time and I hope you can reflect back to this rhyme. When you’re close to tears, remember one day it’ll all be over, this rollercoaster global takeover.