Lovely tribute for a lovely boy.

Lancashire Police, who were touched by the kindness of the late Jordan Banks, have done something to honour a very special boy.

From Lancashire Police – Yesterday we promised another special announcement would be coming, which we are honoured to be able to share with you now! 🐎

You will no doubt remember a tragic incident which occurred in May, when nine-year-old Jordan Banks was sadly killed after being struck by lightning in Blackpool.

Our thoughts have been with Jordan’s family and friends ever since.

At the time of his death we shared that Jordan had touched the hearts of many of our officers, after anonymously leaving sweet treats on police cars to cheer them up at the start of the pandemic.

We managed to track him down and had intended to reward his kindness by inviting him in to our Mounted and Dogs units for a visit, but sadly this was never able to happen.

Instead, and to pay tribute to him, we now plan on naming our newest police horse ‘Banks’ (pictured) in his memory.
T/Ch Supt Wendy Bower, of the Lancashire Police TacOps team, said: “We have now chosen to name ‘Banks’ in memory of Jordan and to express our gratitude to him”.

“We hope this lets Jordan’s family know how much we appreciated his kindness last year.”

The name also follows the Lancashire Police tradition of naming our horses after places across the county.

Banks, formerly known as Fred, has joined us from a home in West Yorkshire and is a popular member of the Mounted branch already. He is kind, friendly, laidback and loves getting attention from his human colleagues. He also likes the occasional mint as a treat. 💙

He is still in training but is doing brilliantly and it won’t be long before he is allocated a police officer to go on patrol with more regularly.

Fabulous legacy ❤️

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