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Ludicrous local con-artist caught trying to hustle for a hoover

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A local con-artist known as Lynette Buckland, known for her ‘infamous festive poverty pleading’ has been caught on Facebook trying to hustle locals for a free hoover.

Local man, Paul Latham, recognised her posts despite her operating under the alias of ‘Roseanne Kayee’. Paul wrote on a Facebook post warning other locals to stay away, stating that he recognised her terrible spelling, lack of punctuation, and desperate attempt to con other residents of Lytham St Annes.

Her post on Facebook Marketplace read:

“Does anyone have a hoover they no longer need mine just broke and desperate for one as have two cats any hoover will in lytham stannes area as Ivdont drive so can’t collect anywhere else and if possible free as no money ATM thanks very appreciated if anyone can help me PM me thanks”

Although this seems to be a plea for help, Paul also noticed that ‘Roseanne’ has put up an advert selling a Dyson hoover along with a clock and a jacket the day before!

Local Kathy Bates Watson also pointed out that her alias name is in relation to her ex boyfriend, which further solidifies the connection: “The Kayee will be in reference to her ex rob kay who is currently serving time for the murder of the innocent man up york rd way…”

Paul also commented on the situation further stating that “Three years ago an elderly couple took pity on her poverty plea with food, and she then asked them to buy her son the latest iPhone for his Christmas present because she couldn’t afford it and asked for cash for herself. Unbelievable!”

Lynette Buckland seems to be experienced in asking locals for money, food and objects that she can sell on. We would like to warn locals to be wary of this sort of scam/con, although we all want to do our bit and help our community, we must ensure those who are really in need are the ones getting the help!

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