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Over the last few weeks the Club Day Committee have been considering whether to yet again cancel this year’s Rose Queen Festival due to the Coronavirus. Like everyone, we have listened to the Government briefings and sought advice from other quarters as to where the Country might be in terms of guidance for large events in terms of social distancing and risks to the general public.

Whilst there are positive signs of the effect of vaccinations, schools possibly returning in March and the murmurings of a phased coming out of lockdown from April, I think that we can all agree that based on the last 12 months there appears to be no certainties.

We are keenly aware that, based on current advice, should we hold our usual parade and crowning ceremony we will be calling thousands of people to gather together without any sure way of ensuring their safety from Covid-19. If you have ever been on Westby Street whilst the parade is waiting to start, you will know how many people congregate within a small area and therefore a greater risk. It is because of that fact, coupled with the uncertainty at a time when we need to plan, that we have decided not to hold the parade or crowning ceremony again this year.

We know this will be a blow to everyone at a time when we need something to look forward to, but we cannot leave our planning any later for a greater time of certainty, nor can we ask the Lytham Community to carry on regardless in preparing for the day only to cancel nearer the time. I think we need to be clear now and not delay any further.

However, that said, whilst we are cancelling the main elements of Club Day we will mark the day in a way that can be organised in less time with the benefit of up to date Government advice and I personally think the bunting should go up! We will keep you posted.

I have spoken to and received full support from Alan Oldfield our Chief Executive at Fylde Borough Council and informed him that our Lytham Rose Queen Aisha Berry will continue her year and attend any official duties such as Remembrance Sunday etc.

If anyone has questions about any aspect of Club Day, please email me at and I will arrange for the correct Committee Member to contact you.

I know last year we promised that Club Day would be back bigger and better this year but I don’t think anyone could have foreseen how this last 12 months has panned out.

Best wishes.

Andrea Swindlehurst. Chair Lytham Club Day.

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