Lytham Featured In The Latest ‘Coast’ Glossy Magazine

The featured article in this month’s popular, glossy ‘Coast’ magazine is centred on inviting readers to pack all their all belonging and move home to ‘lovely’ Lytham.

Lytham is described in the June edition as ‘a pretty town nestled along a picturesque stretch coastline where the estuary of the River Ribble opens onto the sea. It features neat lawns, a boating lake, and a long beach that sits neatly next to the town’s iconic windmill landmark and the impressive Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s Golf Club.’

Under the heading, Where To Buy, article author Helen Dugdale writes, ‘For a seafront abode then head to the Central Beach or South Shore area which offer the largest properties. Islay Road is often described as arguably one of the finest residential areas of Lytham with its great location near shops and amenities. Prices sit at around the million-pound mark for a luxurious detached four-bedroom family home.’

Some properties, such as those below, also feature in the article.

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  1. Move to Lytham? I haven’t seen the full article but interestingly the pictures above are St Annes-on-the-sea and Fairhaven, bit like the AKS private School address being Lytham but is actually located in St Annes-on-the-sea. Often told by residents who live in Lytham that are Lytham residents not Lytham St Annes residents. Maybe the article should be move to Lytham, next to the lovely St Annes beach and Prom and Fairhaven Lake

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