Lytham Festival Licensing Modification – Now for 22,500 people

Cuffe & Taylor are modifying their licensing application to 22,500  people as opposed to the original application of 29,999 people for the well-loved Lytham Festival.  Their current licence allows 10,000 people.

The original application caused concern in the community for fears of overcrowding, traffic problems, and nuisance revellers.

There is a meeting being held today(26/04/2023)  with pro and against residents at 10.30am at the United Reform Church.

In a survey done to residents of whether they were happy of the increase to 29,999 people 63% voted “yes”.

An email from Fylde Council Licensing said

“I refer to my client’s  application for a new premises licence for Lytham Festival listed for hearing before the Licensing Sub-Commitee on 26th April 2023.

My clients wish to modify the application by proposing that an additional condition is imposed on the licence, if the application is granted, to restrict the maximum capacity at any one time to 22,500 persons for the Friday 30th June and Sunday 2nd July of  the Festival taking place this year (2023) and, thereafter, for the maximum capacity at any one time to 24,999 persons in future years.  The maximum capacity for the other days of the Festival this year, 28th, 29th June and 1st July 2023 are to remain at 19,999 as under the existing Festival licence.

The maximum capacity for any event will of course be subject to the satisfaction and approval of the Safety Advisory Group and my clients are happy to accept a condition on the new licence, if granted, to this effect. 

 Whilst writing, we have had the opportunity of considering the Skeleton Argument submitted on behalf of a number of individuals who have made representations and wish to clarify that there is no proposed extension to the permitted hours under the existing licence and the application is also limited to five consecutive days in the calendar year, again as permitted under the existing licence.

I would be grateful if this email could be forwarded to committee members and officers and the relevant parties in advance of the hearing on Wednesday 26th April and please let me know if you have any queries.





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  1. I think it would be better to have about 50,000 people because that way all the businesses would make loads of money and I don’t think they’re making enough just now.
    I also think the prices should go up to maximise revenue for Cuffe and Taylor who are dedicated to our local community and welfare.
    This festival is a great opportunity for local people to join the spirit of unfettered enterprise.
    So come on you moaners, say yes to 50,000.

  2. No doubt the organises will drop the price now due to the extra revenue they will receive?

    ‘If my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon’

  3. Why do Live Nation use Cuff and Taylor as a smoke screen for the commercial interests in the increase in numbers, as a sop to it being ‘local’? As mentioned in the meeting, Lytham Club Day will NOT be allowed to use the normal parade route as the festival will have shut off the prom road for arena construction.
    That shows the contempt for Lytham residents, 3hrs for one day of the year going back nearly 130 years. Like ‘Last Night of the Proms’ now crammed into Lytham Hall as a separate commercial event, horrendous access via 2, car width gates, not even during the Festival week anymore, so as to make more income from the Green. Used to buy a week pass, ending with that event. Not anymore. Extra bus transport to cover the increase in festival goers was mentioned. How the fr-g are they going to service an extra say 30 buses in the Centre of Lytham that grid locks for hours? Getting too greedy.

  4. It going to be carnage on the roads for people trying to commute to their place of work, the infrastructure does not exist to support this increase of attendance. This decision is driven by greed and profiteering with no thought or concern on the impact to people who work and live in the local area.

  5. It’s simple really.
    There is no ‘concern’ for the majority of the local people – only for that handful of profiteers with a vested interest in making as much money out of the festival as possible.
    And that includes our local council.

    There’ll be no room at the Inn for any locals for the duration. Forget about parking in town and considering there’s one road that passes through Lytham, don’t plan on a drive through!

    I’m presuming the comment by Bronstein was tongue in cheek by egging us all to get on board.
    So yes, let’s go all out and see if we can outdo Woodstock!
    Half a million.
    Pack em in!
    Let them camp in the Square, sleeping bags in every shop doorway! Queue up at every bar and restaurant.
    Bol**cks to the locals.
    Not as long as they’ve bought a ticket…

    Oh….In case you didn’t get my drift…
    That was sarcasm!

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