Lytham Gin owners astonished at lack of compassion as two strangers steal their possessions in the road

The founder of Lytham Gin, Sara Dewhurst, reported an incident that occurred on her way back from delivering her locally renown gin in Elswick with her husband.

Whilst driving back through the roundabout at Cropper Lane in Blackpool, their van doors slid open and 4 coats, 3 boxes of gin and a box of gift sets fell into the road. As they couldn’t turn around, the pair proceeded to the end of the dual carriageway before coming back around the roundabout and returning to the scene.

As they approached where the products and coats had fallen into the road, they saw a black pickup truck with somebody getting back into the passenger side of the vehicle. As Sara got out of her van and approached the truck, the two men looked at her before speeding off.

Sara was left to pick up the boxes and broken glass that had fallen from the van, but upon inspection her coats were missing. A stranger then approached Sara to relay what she had seen, stating that the strangers in the pickup truck had taken the items, claiming them as their own.

The incident has been reported to the police, however Sara is hoping that if anyone knew anything about the incident or had seen coats that have been dumped somewhere locally, they could get in touch to help her find her missing property.

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