Lytham Hall is pleased to announce that their driveway has been completely resurfaced. They say: ‘We are over the moon as the driveway was causing many complaints. But fear not, your suspension will now think it has won the lottery!’

The Hall thanks the Fylde Borough Council for their grant, saying: ‘As a charity it is important that from time to time large infrastructure projects are supported by the way of capital grants. The drive was no exception and we can’t thank Fylde Borough Council enough for helping us out in funding this essential work.  Lytham Hall is the only grade 1 listed building in the Borough and is of immense significance. It is important not just as a heritage visitor attraction, but by also playing its part in helping the local economy. Its visitor numbers have risen dramatically in the last few years and the amount of work that has been undertaken on the hall and parkland is phenomenal. There is still lots to do and the work never seems to end as well as being expensive, but thanks to local sponsors and funding from the Friends of Lytham Hall, Rotary, Lytham Heritage Group, The Windmill charity, and many local businesses that have donated goods and services – together we have achieved great things.’

However, now that the driveway has been renovated, visitors are asked not to drive off the edges and onto the grass. A spokesperson for the Hall said, ‘Extra passing places have been constructed. Drivers are asked to look ahead, pull in and give way. Already visitors are driving towards each other on the single track, right past the passing places. The new surface is much higher than the old which helps with the high water table. Therefore the new edges of the drive are much deeper than before. We now are on with the task of building the earth up at the sides of the drive with a layer of crushed stone and topsoil and then seed.  This process is going to take a couple of weeks as there is over 2km to do. Driving over the new edges will damage them and cause them to break, so once again PLEASE take care and avoid driving off them. A huge thank you to the Friends of Lytham Hall who have just supported the purchase of tons upon tons of crushed stone. It is very much appreciated. Many thanks for your cooperation.’


On Tuesday evening, the Leader of Council. Karen Buckley, shared news of the Council’s involvement saying, ‘The services and finances of the council have been managed successfully once again in the last year, delivering within budget and achieving a surplus to reinvest in the future of the borough.  Most recently, we have funded the resurfacing of the driveway to Lytham Hall and have stepped in to support our swimming pools at St Anne’s and Kirkham run by the YMCA to help get them through the pandemic. Economic recovery following COVID 19 is our priority with a particular focus on our town centres. Grants to the business partnerships in Kirkham, Lytham and St Anne’s have already been made and larger, more ambitious schemes will be worked up following a tremendous public response to the Town Centre Survey’