Lytham Locals are furious that Poulton Profiteer auctions Bobby Ball’s funeral card starting at 99p

A Poulton profiteer has decided to make some quick cash off of Bobby Ball’s tragic death, auctioning off a “mint condition” funeral card from his funeral in November 2020.

Local star and loved comedian across the country, Bobby Ball, tragically died after contracting coronavirus on 28th October 2020. His funeral, held at the Hope Church in Lytham on 17th November, saw locals lining up on the streets to pay tribute to his memory.

The tributes poured in and even Blackpool locals commemorated Bobby with Funeral cards handed out amongst the crowds.

An individual from Poulton-le-Fylde who attended the event, has decided to make quick cash on the card, putting it up for auction on eBay, starting at just 99p.

The description reads:

‘BOBBY BALL funeral card. MINT.. Handed out to those who paid honour to Bobby at Blackpool.’

A local spotted this one and shared this on social media, disgusted that someone would try to cash in on the tragic death of a beloved member of our community.

Seething Stephen from Fairhaven said “This is a disgrace to Bobby’s legacy”.

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