Lytham Railway Station DESTROYED by Mindless Youths

Yobbish youths have destroyed and vandalised Lytham Railway Station.  The thugs have covered the station wall in graffiti with a tag of “PR4” which is a Preston postcode, and then ripped all the plants up which have been planted recently by volunteers.
This has upset the local community with Tony Kempton saying “Dosent seem much but some people are really trying their hardest to create an inner city train station of our Lytham Station. A few flowers ripped up, tub off the wall, all the flowers and care is paid for out of charitable donations by local people – Nothing to do with the council or railway Graffiti is unacceptable serves no purpose never artistic – this is not the bronx”
An eye witnesss said “I saw the group of kids who did this. 20+ of them, mostly all boys who looked around 17/18 waiting for a train to Preston”
If there are any witnesses to this horrendous act please can you contact the police on 101.
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