Lytham St.Anne’s Resident Almost Fooled Into Parting With Over £5,000 for McDonald’s Mayfair!

Well known Lytham St. Anne’s resident Tim Lime has issued a stark warning having been seemingly almost tricked into parting with £5,000 for Mayfair – currently part of nationwide McDonald’s Monopoly promotion.  Tim said, ‘I know Mayfair is the most scarce, highest prized property in the McDonald’s collectable competition. You can win £100,000 cash if you collect the dark blue properties – these are Park Lane and the ultra-rare Mayfair. There are only four Mayfair stickers, but there are millions of Park Lane stickers. I already had a Park Lane sticker – so I was very happy put in a bid of £5,000 for a Mayfair sticker on eBay. And I would have continued to bid as I thought it was worth a lot more.’

Tim was saved from a massive mistake by his wife.  Time explains, ‘However, my eagle eyed wife noticed that I was bidding on a what was just a photo of the Mayfair sticker.  This was in really small print.  I was well and truly fooled.’

At the time of writing (Saturday) the highest bid is £7,900 for the photograph! (see below) 

Sunday Update.  The photo of the Mayfair token has now been SOLD on eBay for £10,600.  It has springboarded lots of other similar offers on the site!

Tim is now warning others about this seemingly amazing offer on the popular auction site.

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