Lytham St. Anne’s Resident Shocked To Find He Was £500,000 Overdrawn!

The Times has reported that 47-year-old Lytham St. Anne’s resident, David Levi, was shocked when his Barclays’s Bank balance showed he was half a million pounds in the red.

David Levi told The Times that when his card was declined at Starbuck’s in July he immediately opened his Barclays app to check his bank balance. The screen showed that he was £500,000 overdrawn – and he had no idea why.

Levi was certain that he had about £400 in his Barclays current account and his debit card had worked the day before.

In the article written by Times journalist Lucy Alderton, Levi shared his upset. ‘I felt sick to the bottom of my stomach. I was so shocked. I’ve never seen those kinds of figures before. I felt vulnerable and scared.’

Levi said that he immediately called Barclays helpline thinking he had been the victim of fraud. But the bank told him he would have to wait until the next day to speak to someone.

Next day Barclays told him that his account had been put under review. He asked why his account showed him as being £500,00 overdrawn, but the bank would not discuss this matter.

Levi continued, ‘I told the bank I had no money for food, no money for electric – but no-one was interested.’

Two weeks after his card was declined, a letter arrived in the post. Barclays said his account would close and he should go to a branch to collect any money he had with the bank. It did not explain why he had gone overdrawn by such a significant amount.

Barclays told The Times, ‘Barclays is complying with its legal and regulatory regulation obligations. We are unable to share any further information.’

Levi concluded by saying that he has transferred his money to a Halifax current account, adding ‘I’ve lost faith in the banking system. These two weeks were extremely difficult. When you’ve got nothing £400 is a lot of money to lose.’

Original article in The Times 12th August 2023.

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