Lytham Windmill turns Teal tonight !!


Lytham Windmill with light up teal tonight in support of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s #lightheworldinteal campaign. 

This is an annual campaign held in November as part of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. People and places around the world “go teal” to raise awareness and show support for the millions of people affected by Alzheimer’s.For more information visit

The colour ‘teal’, (a rather posh word for turquoise), is a mixture of blue, green, and touch of yellow.

In colour theory this is thought to promote a calming effect when stressed, yet remind us of the invigorating ocean, which many people also find refreshing yet peaceful.

Lytham Windmill often use filters to show respect and support for various awareness days, it’s a wonderful way to illuminate the iconic building on Lytham Green.

Thank you Lytham Windmill for supporting Alzheimer’s Awareness, and if you are lighting something up Teal, send in your pictures please 💙

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