Lytham’s bike thief strikes again as yet another bike has been stolen from unsuspecting local

A local mother named Emma Price has taken to Facebook to report her son’s stolen bike, which was taken from Fylde Rugby Club whilst he was at training.

The bike was taken at lunchtime between 12.30pm and 1pm, with a lock on the wheel and frame.

The family have reported the incident to the police, however they have taken to Facebook to see if any locals may have seen the bike or may recognise it after seeing the images below.

This news comes after several bikes have been reported stolen in the last few days, with suspected gangs patrolling Lytham St Annes in search for unattended bikes and other goods in order to steal and sell on.

Locals must be wary and consider not cycling to work or school, and ensure that bikes are locked up within a secure premises.

If you have seen this bike, or have any information on its whereabouts or the people who have taken it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please either contact Emma Price or call the police on 101

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