Lytham’s Cheryl Fergison Receives First Rate Hollywood Review

Lytham resident, ex-EastEnders star and multi-talented, Cheryl Fergison, has achieved international acclaim following her role in the new Netflix hit, ‘Hard Cell’.

The long-awaited series features Catherine Tate as women’s prison governor Laura Willis.  The story centres on the the Governor’s  passionate belief that putting on a prison-wide musical featuring all the inmates will ultimately improve their behaviours and lives — as opposed to traditional (and rather harsher) tactics. The musical Laura has chosen for the inmates is ‘West Side Story’ and is directed by Cheryl Fergison (played by Cheryl herself). This ground-breaking, controversial initiative prompts Laura to hire a documentary crew to come to the jail and film the prisoners’ journey into pulling it all off.

In the show, Cheryl is constantly subjected to EastEnders references, with the inmates mockingly singing the theme song at her and one particularly star-struck prison guard repeatedly calling her Heather and asking if she’s going home to Albert Square.

Leah Donato’s review, for the highly respected Hollywood Insider, says ‘I adore how Cheryl Fergison fits into the main story as well as the one directing the inmates in their rendition of ‘West Side Story’; as being someone known as a soap opera star from the BBC show ‘EastEnders’, she plays this sitcom role pretty impressively.

Cheryl was recently spotted singing in Cleveleys to promote a night at her favourite Chinese restaurant.

Cheryl also was recently featured in the Daily Mirror (19th April, 2022).

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